[Standards] Authorization over HTTP

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Fri Nov 9 11:42:01 UTC 2007

Dnia 09-11-2007, Pt o godzinie 12:06 +0100, Michal 'vorner' Vaner pisze:
> Well, I ment something else. I want to connect to my XMPP server from
> the cafe. So I (at home) generate single-use password on the server
> and log in by that.

So, how exactly is it related to Subject "Authorization over HTTP"? ;-)

> Would be nice if there was a XEP for "generate me one single-login
> password". But it could probably be done with AD-HOC commands. Maybe
> an informational XEP?

AFAIR one-time passwords auth implementation was experimented with early
jabberd :-) About the time of ZeroK auth experiments.

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