[Standards] XEP-136 and XEP-59 implementation comments

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Nov 14 16:17:54 UTC 2007

Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Le mercredi 14 novembre 2007, Alexander Tsvyashchenko a écrit :
> [...]
>> File format
>> -----------
>>  From my experience it seems that limiting one file to conversation with
>> just one JID is too restrictive - dealing with one single file for all JIDs
>> is much more convenient in many cases than with a bunch of files.
> [...]
> I think file format is implementation detail, and should NOT be part of that 
> XEP at all.
> That section should be removed.
> Maybe it can be part of a separate XEP later (there are already other im log 
> specification elsewhere anyway)  or extention to XEP-0227, but it's not 
> really related 

Typically we specify only wire protocols, not file formats for local
storage. I don't have deep objections to defining such formats, but in
this case I agree that the file format should be defined in a separate


Peter Saint-Andre

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