[Standards] Proposed extension: seeing the exact text the other user is typing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Nov 15 17:46:57 UTC 2007

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Thu Nov 15 15:05:13 2007, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>  Example:
>> you have set up a special text-only helpline and you need to know
>> exactly what text people type so that you know if the person typed "he
>> has a knife, I think he's going to kill me" instead of receiving a
>> XEP-0085 <composing/> indicator and then <gone/>.
> I'm struggling with the validity of this use-case. But see below for a
> better solution. (And yes, I can think of very rare, convoluted,
> use-cases where this makes sense).
>> I agree that char-by-char text is not generally a good idea (or even
>> desirable to the vast majority of users), but in certain situations it
>> might be very useful indeed.
> Sure, although I suspect this is a solution searching for a problem. 

In fact I have talked with people who want to build exactly that kind of
system for university campuses.

Whether they really need char-by-char text or something more lightweight
is another question.

> FWIW, I think an extension for sending partial messages makes more sense
> than aiming to get char-by-char messages. Sending the partial messages
> when the user has *not* been typing for a while makes more sense to me
> than sending while the user is still actively using the keyboard. This
> could be negotiated down to effectively char-by-char over particularly
> short wide links, such as link-local, but be more network-friendly over
> the Internet.

Probably that would solve the problem for most folks, yes.


Peter Saint-Andre

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