[Standards] XEP-136 and XEP-59 implementation comments: followup

Alexander Tsvyashchenko lists at ndl.kiev.ua
Thu Nov 15 18:37:33 UTC 2007

Hello All,

Besides proposing "versioning" of collections instead of using "by"  
attribute (see my previous letter) there seems to be one more thing  
I'd like to change in my original proposals.

In original letter I stated that problem of retrieving collections for  
particular domain (and not all its users) is not important - now I do  
not think so, as the same problem holds for prefs also, and there it's  
more serious.

Suppose that I'd like to disable messages archiving (or at least set  
small expire time) for messages coming from icq.example.com transport  
- anyway, there are not that much useful things it can tell me besides  
that ICQ stopped working one more time ;-) However, with current  
specification this is just impossible: if I specify 'icq.domain.com'  
in prefs it will override prefs for all users on that transport, which  
is certainly not what I want.

(by the way, there's also no explicit mentioning of this overriding  
schema in prefs, i.e. that prefs for FullJID override prefs for  
BareJID, both override prefs for Domain and Domain prefs override  
default ones, but I assume it is implied, otherwise it all just  
doesn't make sense)

What could be the right way to address this issue? One idea I  
currently have is to add attribute "exact" to prefs (and,  
correspondingly, in collections listing and collections removal to  
make it all uniform), which, being set to "true" means that the scope  
of JID is not extended and it is treated literally.

What do you think about this idea?

Good luck!                                     Alexander

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