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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Nov 28 19:06:12 UTC 2007

This makes me think that it would be best for XEP-0176 to specify only
the Jingle ice-udp transport, and to move the Jingle ice-tcp transport
definition to a separate XEP.

Any objections?


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As folks may have noticed, and updated ICE-tcp is now available:


the changes from -04 are:

* fixed bugs in pseudocode
  for loop needs to go from 0 to MAX, not 1 to MAX

* clarified that secure media is always DTLS-SRTP, even over a TCP
  connection. Forbid RTP over TLS.

* added checks on sender side to make sure application data doesn't
  match a stun packet, and if it does, suggests to use a different
  number of bytes to make the data not look like a stun message based
  on the length checks

* previously, if a clients tcp connection to a turn server failed
  during the middle of a session, the client would reconnect and
  perform a 'move'. Moves have been removed from turn so now the draft
  says to reconnect and restart ICE for the stream

I did not add ice-lite to ICE-tcp; I started on it to see how it would
look, but ran out of time before finishing. That is the main issue I
want to discuss in Vancouver.

The other thing to note is that ICE-tcp depends on TURN-tcp, which is a
new draft that has been split off from the main TURN spec, and will move
at a slower pace (and only once the core UDP TURN stuff is done).

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