[Standards] XEP-0166: references to XEP-0155 and XEP-0168

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Nov 30 23:38:35 UTC 2007

Currently the core Jingle spec (XEP-0166) refers to both XEP-0155
(Stanza Session Negotiation) and XEP-0168 (Resource Application
Priority). The context is describing how to determine which resource to
communicate with when starting a Jingle session. I had a chat about this
with Robert McQueen the other day and he thinks that:

(1) XEP-0155 and XEP-0168 should not be referenced from XEP-0166 since
they unnecessarily complicate implementation

(2) XEP-0168 is not ready to be advanced to Draft because it has not
been implemented in any clients

My take is:

(1) XEP-0155 and XEP-0168 are not normative dependencies in XEP-0166,
and we mention them only to help implementors. However, I think it would
be best to move those references to XEP-0208. I am also open to delaying
the advancement of XEP-0208 until we have more experience with Jingle

(2) XEP-0168 probably is still immature and I think it would be best for
the Council to delay advancement of this spec.

In a way, the whole resource determination problem is orthogonal to
XEP-0166. Once you figure out the resource, use XEP-0166. How you figure
out the resource is up to you. For example, if you share presence with
the contact then use disco or entity capabilities (perhaps eventually
RAP if we finalize XEP-0168). If you don't share presence with the
contact, use stanza session negotiation or some kind of forking
mechanism yet to be defined.



Peter Saint-Andre

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