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Jonathan Chayce Dickinson chayce.za at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 14:18:29 UTC 2007


The IMML thread seems to have gone dead.

How about the following:

<html [...]>
<body [...] xmlns:imml="org:alexj:imml">
   That was fun! <imml:icon parent=":-)">:D</imml:icon>. Thanks for the 
good time <imml:icon>beer</imml:icon>.

The above would allow programs to correctly display an emoticon even if 
they don't have that one in their 'dictionary'. For example, let's 
assume the program doesn't have the : D icon, that would then be 
translated into : - ). In the case of the <beer> emoticon, if it doesn't 
have it, it could write it in special formatting. I could even see a 
'slick' client doing something like what I have attached. In any case 
these are /just/ emoticons, so I don't think all this effort isn't 
entirely necessary, but hey, it does make it all rather cool. A lot of 
people go for chat clients because of the 'cool' factor.

You would need a fixed set of 'parent' emoticons, that ALL clients 
should support.

And as for pasting something out of your source code, you really don't 
want the client putting emoticons in it once it gets to the other side 
(currently, there is no defined behaviour for that, they can put them 
into text or html, as they see fit, AFAIK). Maybe a preserve attribute 
is needed on the 'stream/message/body' element, so that the client knows 
not to emoticonise text, if this whole IMML thing doesn't pan out. E.g.

<message [...]>
   <body preserve="true">
         Console:P("The console print method.");

That would have more than 1 emoticon. I can't think of any programming 
languages it would affect, but in the world of the internet, I could bet 
you that one exists that would mess up in an IM client.

Can we reach consensus on this? I agree with psa, +1, even as it stands.

   Jonathan Dickinson

jonathan chayce dickinson
ruby/c# developer

email:  chayce.za at gmail.com
jabber: moitoi at inflecto.org

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