[Standards] Comment to rfc3921 pt 11.1 : handling of messages to ressources with identical priorities

pavlix pavlix at pavlix.net
Tue Sep 11 14:53:21 UTC 2007

> In a separate window? How should it be named? Two windows of
> "contact at example.com"?
> And if so, this would break functionality for normal users changing
> resources. Every time I would switch /work to /mobile, the
> conversation that is going with me to /mobile would appear in a
> separate window at my contacts PC. Not nice.

I'd say it's very nice.

I'm often talking to people that switch between desktop and mobile.
When they're on mobile, I'm chatting with them (mobile resource) and
sometimes send links or longer texts they can follow/read later
(desktop resource).

I like this behaviour.


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