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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Apr 11 15:37:02 UTC 2008

Paul Witty wrote:
> Olivier Crête wrote:
>> Jingle audio
>> 4. Application format
>> Why make the name attribute of the payload-type tag optional at all? Why
>> is the profile optional? and if it stays optional a default should be
>> specified (probably RTP/AVP) ?
> The name is optional for static payload types because we know the codec
> simply from the payload number.


>> That also means that it does not accommodate codecs such as
>> H.264 has have config-data that has to be sent from the sender to the
>> receiver.
> I believe that it should be possible to do H.264 without any information
> being send from the sender to the receiver, although this means forgoing
> the symmetry in capabilities which RFC 3984 mandates.

Do tell.

>> And RFC4733 should
>> probably be mandated for audio/tone and audio/telephone-event. In the
>> case of audio/telephone-event, the optional properties (the fmtp line in
>> SDP) does not have the a=b format, we should probably mandate the
>> parameter name "event" for the list of supported event types.
> There's no need to mandate the "events" parameter; If absent, we assume
> 0-9, *, # and A-D.  It should be possible to restrict this though,
> (probably to 0-9, * and #), in which case putting:
> <parameter name='events' value='0-11'/>
> within the payload type tag would be the way to do this.  Note 'events',
> not 'event', as in 2.4.1 of RFC 4733.

So something like this (copying the example from RFC 4733)...

<iq from='juliet at capulet.com/balcony'
  <jingle xmlns='urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle'
          initiator='juliet at capulet.com/balcony'
    <dtmf-method xmlns='urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle:dtmf' method='rtp'>
      <payload-type clockrate='8000' id='100' name='telephone-event'>
        <parameter name='events' value='0-15,66,70'/>

But I think Olivier has me convinced that it's better to do RFC 4733 via
the RTP negotiation itself.


Peter Saint-Andre

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