[Standards] Jingle gateways, Stanza Session Negotiation and Service Discovery

Paul Witty paulrw at codian.com
Mon Apr 21 17:38:20 UTC 2008

When gatewaying from H.323 or SIP to Jingle/XMPP, the features designed 
to not leak presence make it very hard to actually connect calls to 
arbitrary Jingle clients.  While this is clearly useful, in preventing 
things like the audio spam which can be found on Skype, it makes my life 
rather difficult.

 From what I can tell, XEP-0155 helps to get around this.  However, it 
would be nice to include the ability to not just share presence, but to 
also share service discovery information.

I've not yet tried doing this; it may be that it's entirely the wrong 
way to go about it, so if anyone can suggest a better way, please speak 
up.  For example, I'd like it so that one person could have many 
different ways to be contacted e.g. H.323 endpoint, Jingle/XMPP client 
on their desktop, Jingle/XMPP client at home.  We can't know in advance 
what XMPP resource the user will have, so we want to just store the IP 
address of their H.323 endpoint (e.g. and their XMPP ID, and 
then connect to whichever resource is currently available.



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