[Standards] PEP + Invisibility = bad behavior?

Gabriel Soto gabsoto at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 16:22:12 UTC 2008

I'll start with a question:
When a user publishes a PEP item [1], should the server send
notifications to appropriate contacts that appear offline?

I've been told that the answer is probably no, it shouldn't, which makes sense.

The first potential problem here is that this isn't explicitly stated
in the XEP and maybe it should.

The second potential problem is that I believe this behavior clashes
with some mechanisms that rely on 'faking' offline presence (i.e.
blocking, invisibility).
For instance, when userA becomes invisible to userB [2] he will appear
offline to him. Then, if userB updates his avatar (publishes a PEP
item) userA doesn't receive the corresponding notification.

This seems like an unwanted side effect. If invisibility is an option,
I think that the expected behavior from a user's perspective will be
that everything works the same except for the offline appearance to


[1] XEP-0163: Personal Eventing via Pubsub,
[2] XEP-0126: Invisibility, http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0126.html

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