[Standards] Jingle gateways, Stanza Session Negotiation and Service Discovery

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Apr 23 04:09:59 UTC 2008

Paul Witty wrote:
> When gatewaying from H.323 or SIP to Jingle/XMPP, the features designed
> to not leak presence make it very hard to actually connect calls to
> arbitrary Jingle clients.  While this is clearly useful, in preventing
> things like the audio spam which can be found on Skype, it makes my life
> rather difficult.

Yeah, security is a pain. :)

> From what I can tell, XEP-0155 helps to get around this.  However, it
> would be nice to include the ability to not just share presence, but to
> also share service discovery information.

As an option in the XEP-0155 negotiation? That seems sensible. Does it
need to be a separate option or shall we assume that if you want to
share presence you're also willing to share service discovery data?
Probably it's best to make it explicit.

> I've not yet tried doing this; it may be that it's entirely the wrong
> way to go about it, so if anyone can suggest a better way, please speak
> up.  For example, I'd like it so that one person could have many
> different ways to be contacted e.g. H.323 endpoint, Jingle/XMPP client
> on their desktop, Jingle/XMPP client at home.  We can't know in advance
> what XMPP resource the user will have, so we want to just store the IP
> address of their H.323 endpoint (e.g. and their XMPP ID, and
> then connect to whichever resource is currently available.

If you don't have any existing relationship with me and my server lets
you know what my resources are, I would consider that to be a leak of
private information. So I realize this is a pain, but sharing presence
and resource information with unknown entities is widely considered to
be a leak in the XMPP world. So we need to work around that, which we
can do with XEP-0155, presence subscriptions, RAP (XEP-0168), etc.


Peter Saint-Andre

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