[Standards] XEP-0167: Jingle Audio via RTP; Message order and content-accept

Maiku cmaiku at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 15:41:08 UTC 2008

I'm slightly confused about the order of the messages that are supposed to
be sent when negotiating a Jingle audio session.

In section 5 of XEP-0167, it appears that the order is supposed to be
"session-initiate", "content-accept", "session-accept". Later on in section
9, it instead uses the order "session-initiate", "session-info (ringing)",
"transport-info", "content-replace", and finally "session-accept" (acks

Looking through the other Jingle XEPs, the section 9 order appears to be
correct. What confuses me is in section 5, the line "If the responder wishes
to accept the session, it MUST send a content-accept action to the
initiator", but in several of the examples, in section 9, they don't even
have a content-accept, and none of them are sent by the responder.

Could someone please clarify this for me?

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