[Standards] Extending private-storage [Was: Meta-Contacts: implementation notes]

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Apr 28 14:36:50 UTC 2008

On Mon Apr 28 10:26:50 2008, Pedro Melo wrote:
>  * implement PEP/PIP in jabberd2;
>  * re-write the private storage system on top of PIP.
> Now your private-storage items have a dual life as PIP nodes also.   
> New clients can keep using the semantics of the original private-  
> storage-based protocol, but using PIP as transport. Old clients  
> will  keep on working.

Yes, I wondered about this way of implementing '49, too. But what  
concerns me is that clients which support both are likely to end up  
checking both, and getting the data twice. So I was thinking of  
probably leaving them distinct - I'm rather up in the air on this,  
though, and it may be that it's early enough to consider signalling  
this strategy so that clients could avoid a double-fetch and store.

Plus, you'd have to figure out how the backward mapping happens - how  
do multiple PIP nodes within the same namespace figure into this?  
What about cases where the XML payload of the PIP item doesn't fall  
within the namespace used as the top-level item node name?

I'm also in agreement that there's probably little point in trying to  
extend XEP-0049 with notifications et al. Yes, it might remain  
simpler than PIP, but it's likely to be almost as complex. Also, PEP  
itself, contrary to popular belief, is not yet perfect, and may need  
work - any extensions which come out of that work would open up a  
feature-gap between it and a newly extended XEP-0049 again, and  
repeating that work would be annoying.

Finally, I don't think that PIP and PEP are sufficiently different as  
to warrant a distinct protocol-level interface. I don't see a  
difference in the functionality required except for the audience  
(and, therefore, ACL), whereas I do see cases whereby one might wish  
to make private data shared, and vice-versa, in a simple manner.

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