[Standards] stream restarts

Gaston Dombiak gato at jivesoftware.com
Tue Apr 29 21:02:05 UTC 2008

Oh, I see now the reasons and they make sense to me. The XML one is a nice one. :)

BTW, what do you think of removing the "Session Establishment" section? That is another case where Openfire is really just following the spec but not really doing anything in particular.

The other topic we once talked about was related to roster and presence management. I think that the proposal was to get roster updates only if your client requested the roster. And get presence updates if you came online. IIRC, we are now sending roster and presence updates when you come online.

There is no other topic as far as I remember.


  -- Gato

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Gaston Dombiak wrote:
> Hey Peter,
> When I implemented "stream restarts" I was really following the spec
> without seeing the reason for the restarts. I was not sure if I was
> missing the point about something or not. In our case, the server was
> not keeping any information about the session so we really were not
> forgetting anything with the stream restart. Maybe I'm still missing
> the point here. :)

AFAICS, there never really was a point to stream restarts.

> Anyway, I'm all good with avoiding the stream restart and just use
> one stream header where TLS, SASL, etc. are negotiated.

Right. There is also the fact that using one stream header will enable
us to quiet those who say that XMPP is not XML. :P

> BTW, what's the reason for doing this change now? Is it to reduce the
> amount of traffic and make it more appealing to mobile clients?

Mostly this: we're in the process of cleaning up the core XMPP specs and
this seemed like an unnecessarily messy aspect of XMPP.


Peter Saint-Andre

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