[Standards] Message Mine'ing

Stephan Maka stephan at spaceboyz.net
Mon Dec 1 18:30:26 UTC 2008

Jack Erwin wrote:
>  Current practices involve some sort of manual intervention.  For example, 
> the end user must manually set his priority, or provide some sort of "focus" 
> to the newly active client application to allow for automatic priority 
> brokering.  Expecting an end user to remember that he must perform one of 
> these actions when leaving his desk is onerous at best.  The core problem 
> here is that there is no reasonable way to automatically detect that the 
> user is switching client contexts, so we must fall back to manual methods.

As a user I know and love the behaviour of Gajim: priority depends on
the status (it's only high for available or chat and low for
away/dnd/xa). Combined with the auto-away feature that many other
clients have too will make messages go to the right resource without any

Another great feature is AdHoc commands with two essential nodes:
* Forward unread messages
* Set status or go offline

This is, however, manual intervention.


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