[Standards] Message Mine'ing

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon Dec 1 19:38:01 UTC 2008

> As a user I know and love the behaviour of Gajim: priority depends on
> the status (it's only high for available or chat and low for
> away/dnd/xa). Combined with the auto-away feature that many other
> clients have too will make messages go to the right resource without any
> intervention.

a) Assumes you are running the same client with exactly the same
priority settings in all your locations
b) Potentially fails if you go to the bathroom, our client goes into
auto-away, and your messages get routed to your other auto-away
client. By the time you get back, you won't know that some messages
got routed to your other client.

Any 'smart' way of routing messages you can think of will always do
something unwanted in some cases, and makes the whole routing
algorithm very untransparent. As a user, I will be extremely annoyed
if one in 100 messages get routed wrongly, and that's enough reason to
start hating a program.

Message mine-ing OTOH is not smart about anything: it still leaves all
control with the user, and (from the description in the e-mail,
haven't read the specs yet) is very easy to understand from the user's
perspective, making it very transparent.


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