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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Dec 1 20:13:56 UTC 2008

On Mon Dec  1 18:45:43 2008, Dirk Meyer wrote:
> I like the idea, but what happens if I switch clients during a
> conversation? In your example, we chat with the desktop client. I  
> think
> we are done, but do not close the chat window (I sometimes do that).

(I always do... I leave chat windows open as a to-do, or just because  
I'm always too lazy to do tab cleanup).

>  Now
> I go away with my mobile client. If you send a message now, I guess  
> the
> message will be send to the full JID of my desktop client and I  
> will not
> get the message. Maybe a thread can expire somehow and after a  
> time, we
> should send to the bare JID again doing the whole 'mine' thing  
> again.
But timeouts are something we're intending to avoid here.

> Or am I missing something here? I'm do not know the way how chatting
> works with full and bare JIDs.
No, what generally happens is that the "opener" in a conversation  
goes to the bare jid, and when the recipient replies, the sender  
"locks on" to the full jid.

I'm wondering if we can split the issue, here, and instead have two  

1) The "Hey, I have pending messages here!" one. (ie, a bare_jid-wide  
version of the flashing taskbar item thingy.)

2) The "Give me your pending messages!" one.

I'm wondering if intra-jid presence can be made to do the first - so  
the clients would send a directed presence to their own bare jid  
which contained "private" status, including any pending messages.

The (2) can be done as a standardized ad-hoc command, probably. In  
fact, I think we have one in the "forward unread messages" one.

Assuming the intra-jid presence trick can be used, then servers need  
to do nothing. Otherwise, I'm tempted to suggest that we simply  
standardize that hack, and then we've a general method for doing  
similar things.

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