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Results of the XMPP Council meeting held 2008-12-03...





Scribe: Peter Saint-Andre

0. Roll call

Present: Dave Cridland, Ralph Meijer, Jack Moffitt, Peter Saint-Andre,
Kevin Smith.

Quorum achieved.

1. Agenda bashing


2. XEP-0085

Discussed the suggested handling of threads and session-ending events.
Dave proposed some text that we could add to XEP-0085, and there is
agreement that we need to stabilize XEP-0201 regarding threads.

3. Message Mine-ing

Lengthy discussion regarding possible approaches. Kevin will post to the
standards@ list about his counter-proposal.

4. Jingle

Council members encouraged to poke their favorite Jingle developers to
get feedback during the Last Call on XEPs 166, 167, 176, and 177. There
is a lively discussion on the jingle@ list right now.

5. Priorities for 2009

Agreement that the highest priorities are end-to-end encryption and file
transfer. Some discussion of each. More to follow.

6. Any other business?


7. Next meeting.

Wednesday, 2008-12-10 @ 20:00 UTC http://xmpp.org/xsf/XSF.ics


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