[Standards] Missing point in XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities ?

Jehan Jehan.3jz54z at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Sat Dec 6 01:56:24 UTC 2008


I was rereading lately the XEP-0115 and one strange point strikes me
(aïe!) in section "5.4 Processing Method". It seems explained that
whether you know or not the sent entity capability verification string
"ver", you send anyway a service discovery stanza to the generating

Considering the fact that one of the main point of this XEP is in order
to avoid <em>the older "disco/version flood" behavior</em> (cf. "1.1
Motivation" own word), I guess this is an error.

I propose -- reading all this procedure -- that a point 4 should be
added (and placed in fact before point 3!) to something like:

> Else if the set formed by the "node", the verification string "ver" and
> the "hash" is globally cached, then consider the verification string as
> validated.
> .

Then the current point 3 (will be 4) will be a "else if..." (thus the
verification string is not known yet, although the used hash function is
supported by the application).

Finally note also that the second part of the current point 3.9 (will
be 4.9 if the former proposition is approved) is useless:
> however, it SHOULD check the service discovery identity and supported
> features of another generating entity who advertises that value.

Indeed the first part of the point 3.9 specifies that the verification
string will not be globally cached. Hence there will be anyway a new
service discovery query to all further entity which will send the same
verification string.


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