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kmcmurry kmcmurry.3k26hn at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Sun Dec 7 17:18:16 UTC 2008

Having worked for quite some time in analyzing and designing user
experience for presence and IM systems (via SIP) that are user based
rather than device based, I find the message Mining solution a very good
tool for XMPP IM systems in order to accomplish this user based
experience.  Providing communication between the user's clients to
pop-down window's and invite's that are being handled by the user from
other devices is crucial to that user experience.    Using XEP-85 events
to trigger termination of a session and a "release" of the session, in
combination with presence changes to detect primarily when a user has
gone idle on a device, provides additional triggers to enhance the user
experience.  While it won't always be perfect, it goes a long way in
solving a large majority of common use cases.  I am not sure that we
will want "every" presence change to trigger the release of the session.
For example,  just because I took a call on my cell phone, causing my
presence to identify that I am on the phone, doesn't mean I want my IM
sessions to move there.  I think we should explore limiting the
"release" to specific presence changes instead.

I do think that some additional protocol needs to be added to the spec.
as it currently exists to allow a user to "take" an existing session
over from a different device - to handle the case where a user has
walked away from the computer and wants to continue the conversation
from a mobile device e.g.

I think this protocol can be used in conjunction with server based
presence enabled routing, rather than replacing it.  A user may well put
routing rules in place, based on presence status or other information, 
to limit the devices that an initial(bare jid) IM session is routed to,
or they may not.  Either way,  when the end result is that the IM is
sent to multiple devices, message mining allows the user to control the
session from the device they desire from that point on.

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