[Standards] inconsistency between section 7.2 - 10.2 in XEP-0136 ?

Paolo Nesti Poggi pnp at eaktion.com
Wed Dec 10 22:28:36 UTC 2008


writing about XEP-0136.

I't  seems to me that there is an inconsistency between section 7.2

"To request a page of messages from a collection the client sends a 
<retrieve/> element. The 'with' and 'start' attributes specify the 
participating full JID and the start time (see XEP-0082). Both 
attributes MUST be included to uniquely identify a collection."

That is, "the participating full JID" is stated here,

and section 10.2
that is referred to by the previous section:

"When the 'exactmatch' attribute is set to "true" or "1" on an element 
of <item/>, <list/>, <remove/>, or <retrieve/>, a 'with' value such as 
"example.com" matches that exact JID only rather than <*@example.com>, 
<*@example.com>, or <example.com/*>"

where including the element <retrieve/> among those with wich the 
exactmatch attribute can be used seems to imply that a collection can be 
retrieved using only a part of the JID.


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