[Standards] New Proto-XEP: Multi-User Gaming

Guenther Niess niess at uni-potsdam.de
Mon Dec 15 15:12:11 UTC 2008

Hi Jehan,

> I was looking finally at this XEP after many monthes. Do you have a
> related project? Or currently is it only XEP state?

We have implemented a very basic version of our draft [1]. The server
component is written for openfire [2] and a Tic-tac-toe client for
Pidgin [3].
A first play is possible but important functions are not implemented yet
and the XEP proposal is also not ready for a commit.

We plan to finish your XEP proposal in the beginning of the new year.

Best regards
Günther Nieß

[1] http://openfire-mug.sf.net/xep/multi-user_gaming.html
[2] http://openfire-mug.sf.net/
[3] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/

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