[Standards] XTLS revisited

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Dec 15 19:28:45 UTC 2008

On Mon Dec 15 19:15:01 2008, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> And the concern that lots of server admins will block IBB because  
> people
> use it for file transfer, whereas (some) server admins might be less
> likely to block a technology that enables user security.

I'm not sure that "helping idiots" is a good way of making technical  

As has been repeated many times, if you ban IBB to prevent file  
transfer via the server, but allow encrypted channels, then people  
will simply encrypt the file transfers (which is, incidentally,  
perfectly sensible for other reasons), in which case the admin has  
done nothing useful at all.

On the other hand, banning IBB if it *is* used for encrypted channels  
- knowing that encrypted channels can bypass the server entirely -  
has reasonable use-cases. (Similarly, blocking Jingle content-types  
selectively to prevent encryption is sane in some environments, too).

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