[Standards] Client-Generated Presence Probes

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Dec 16 17:27:40 UTC 2008

Hi Robert,

> Is this behavior that you are describing defined anywhere? This sounds like
> completely new behavior. It also sounds like it would be significantly more
> work to implement than what I am describing, considering how complex privacy
> lists are.

I haven't checked whether this is described somewhere, but I agree
with Justin that this is not the client's job.  (given that it's not
the client's job to filter in the first place, nor to request any type
of presence anytime without blocking rules).

How can it be more complex for the server to do a presence probe in
the place of the client, instead of the client having to do it itself?
And this is just the naive implementation, since the server knows how
to filter presence, it can probably also know what presence it
filtered, and re-evaluate sending you that presence when removing a
block/privacy list.


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