[Standards] roster item exchange

Fabio Forno fabio.forno at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 21:42:53 UTC 2008


we are writing a facebook gateway and we'd like to use xep-144 for
pushing roster items to the client. Besides the fact that it seems
implemented by few clients, I've found another problem. With xep 144
the gateway has no means for knowing whether the user has accepted the
presence subscription or not, just that the client has processed it
(the result iq is sent as soon as the roster offer has been received).
This leads to two unpleasant case:
- if the gateway assumes that the items have been accepted and the
user does some mistakes (or the client dies), he won't be able to see
the contacts any more
- if the gateway always sends the roster push we have either
unnecessary traffic and the user may be bothered with subscriptions he
doesn't want to accept

The problem is that I don't see any workaround but extending the xep
notifying the gateway which contacts have been accepted and which not

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