[Standards] Pubsub node ID problem

Brett Zamir brettz9 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 04:44:28 UTC 2008

For XEP-0060, has any thought been given to allowing the same node IDs 
to be reused (for collection or leaf nodes) as long as they are held 
within different collection nodes? It might make for a more flexible and 
attractive expansion of a hierarchy, if one did not need to rely on ugly 
auto-generated node IDs nor forced a user to come up with unique names.

Changing the node for a user (e.g., prepending the collection name to 
the node to be created, after checking whether the user attempted to use 
any characters needed by the prefix) would be too cumbersome for deep 
hierarchies, and Pubsub currently does not allow changing of the node 
name by the service (or returning the new name upon a create node 
request) anyways.


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