[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: User Bleg

Qian Sun sunqian at huawei.com
Fri Feb 1 03:02:54 UTC 2008


If you want to get an answer from your roster, not from stranger/public, maybe the question or answer would be a little private. We can list many which should not be public, or meaningless for public. For example:
"Anybody can lend me 1000$? I will refund in one week"
"What is Kevin's new phone number?"
"Anybody is free tonight? There is a party in my home"

In addition, if you directly send a message to your roster, the intention would be a little strong. They may have an uneasy feeling if not replying your message. 


> Kevin Smith wrote:
>>  On Jan 22, 2008 3:56 AM, XMPP Extensions Editor <editor at xmpp.org> wrote:
>>>  Abstract: This specification defines an XMPP protocol extension that enables a user to broadcast a question or request to other interested parties.
>>  Perhaps someone could talk me through this one, please? The
>>  pep/message mix seems a bit peculiar to me, particularly as it seems
>>  to miss out on the usual 'bleg' benefit of seeing others' replies etc.
>>  It seems at the moment as if one might just as well send a message to
>>  their roster, and wait for a reply.

>  Do you really want to send a message to everyone in your roster? What if 
>  they aren't interested in your blegs? PEP enables us to filter. Now, 
>  whether the answers should be public is another matter. That is the 
>  usual custom on blogs (if people provide an answer in the comments), but 
>  people *could* poke a blogger privately via email or IM instead of in 
>  the comments.

> /me ponders

> Peter

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