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Fabio Forno fabio.forno at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 23:04:53 UTC 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 1:24 AM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> Joonas Govenius has been quietly but steadily working on his shared XML
> editing protocol, which can serve as the foundation for whiteboarding,
> XHTML authoring, editing of collaborative data objects (XEP-0204), etc.

Agree with the fact that we need some common ground. As I've said in
the fosdem ML one more interesting application may be "XMPP widgets",
i.e. small UI snippets that can modified by remote services. The main
aim for these snippets is to allow pushing the UI for some
applications that require special support in the client, such as a
pubsub based news reader, or microblogging. Why waiting for client
developers implementing them, when it could be possible to have all
the application contained in a widget displayed when subscribing to a
given jid? That's the same model that made the success of the web:
don't require special support, new software installations, just click
and use it. I don't any reason for not pursuing it in xmpp ;)

> He and I chatted the other day and I suggested that we could use Jingle
> as the negotiation and session management layer for shared XML editing,
> rather than the homegrown technology he had defined. He agreed that it
> would be interesting to investigate this, for the sake of code reuse and
> consistency across XMPP protocol extensions.

Ok with jingle, I don't see any particular issue (though I don't
master the full jingle specification yet...). From what I'm getting of
the problem at present, I'd like just to have some flexibility of the
transport. SXE shouldn't be the only transport allowed for state
synchronization, since it should be possible to:
- use different formats than xml, e.g json for easy integration with
web frameworks, where I see the first applications of this protocol
- exchange whole dom chunks and replace or add a subtree, since it's
much more space efficient than sending instructions with the changes
to be applied; moreover dom manipulation libs already work in this
way. SXE may oblige doing twice the work, serializing the changes into
processing instructions and applying them (it's good instead when you
need to remember a history such as in whiteboarding or shared

Another thing I'd like see for widgets, and that's not necessary for
whiteboarding and shared editing, is the possibility to automatically
start document synchronizations with presence or pubsub events. Think
for example a news reader based on a widget: the client should be able
to receive all updates when going online (with a particular resource),
without explicetely restarting a new session, and the service should
be able to exploit pubsub for publishing new items, without keeping
track of all client subscriptions.

> It still requires some work, but I think it is showing real promise.

I'll be very happy to join and help if you think that these
suggestions are worth further work on the xep.

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