[Standards] shared XML editing update

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Feb 4 22:19:50 UTC 2008

Joonas Govenius wrote:
> Boyd Fletcher wrote:
>> we still do not believe that SXE is appropriate for whiteboarding
>> especially
>> when scaled to hundreds of concurrent users in a single session.
> I actually think SXE would scale to many users very well because:
> a) it makes no difference for an individual client who the edits come
> from or how many users there are in the session
> b) the server (if one is used) doesn't do any processing of the edits;
> it merely forwards them to the participants.
> c) SXE causes minimal "locking" of the document; only simultaneous edits
> to the same DOM node conflict.

That seems reasonable to me.

> On the other hand, SXE doesn't currently specify any access control to
> limit who can edit the document. That may be a problem for the kind of
> large sessions that you're thinking of.

IMHO a large session would be done in a MUC room or via a specialized
component, and that's the level at which floor control would happen.

> Also, as Fabio Forno pointed out, SXE may be problematic with a high
> volume of edits but, in the case of whiteboarding at least, the volume
> would probably not increase very much with the number of participants
> because most participant would merely "watch".

I think that would be the case for the vast majority of large editing


Peter Saint-Andre

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