[Standards] shared XML editing update

Krutsch, Michael C. michael at mitre.org
Thu Feb 7 13:05:38 UTC 2008

Peter (et. al.)
I've been very remiss in not responding to the relationship between CDOs
(XEP-0204) and shared editing.

There is obviously a synergy (and a similarity) between the two, but there
are also some very real differences in the two approaches that I'm afraid
our team (and I'll take responsibility for not getting our message out)
hasn't made very clear.

When I look at SXE (http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sxe.html), and the
requirements it is based on (http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0228.html),
I get a very clear picture of a mechanism for collaboratively editing
XML-based documents comprised of nodes where the nodes are xml elements and
the elements, if governed by a schema, are simply members of an ordered list
(where the ordering in the list may be arbitrary but such that it makes
sense to people). These documents could be graphical in nature (think
whiteboard) or textual in nature (a letter), or a mix of both (a
presentation). While very valuable, this kind of information is not the
target for CDOs.

We believe that there are several differences between CDOs and SXE but the
key difference is that CDOs aren't editable; not in the sense that an object
defined by SXE is.  A collaborative data object is defined by a fixed schema
and the only thing that is user 'editable' are the contents of the CDO, but
not the structure of the CDO itself.  There isn't a mechanism (or even a
requirement or concept) to start with a 'blank' CDO and have users define
one in real time.  Once we have sufficient user feedback this might be an
issue that gets revisited, but it isn't on the radar right now.  We have
source to two reference implementations (I'll post to the announce list) and
I'll also make available a set of slides to help identify the use cases and
the implementation.


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Joonas Govenius has been quietly but steadily working on his shared XML
editing protocol, which can serve as the foundation for whiteboarding,
XHTML authoring, editing of collaborative data objects (XEP-0204), etc.

He and I chatted the other day and I suggested that we could use Jingle
as the negotiation and session management layer for shared XML editing,
rather than the homegrown technology he had defined. He agreed that it
would be interesting to investigate this, for the sake of code reuse and
consistency across XMPP protocol extensions. Therefore as part of my
effort to extend Jingle to other domains (not just voice and video, see
the file transfer proposal I posted earlier today), I have with Joonas's
permission modified his shared XML editing proposal:


It still requires some work, but I think it is showing real promise.

And yes, the acronym for Shared XML Editing is SXE. Talk about sexy
technologies! ;)


Peter Saint-Andre

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