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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 7 15:38:58 UTC 2008

Hi Michael, thanks for the input.

Krutsch, Michael C. wrote:

> We believe that there are several differences between CDOs and SXE but the
> key difference is that CDOs aren't editable; not in the sense that an object
> defined by SXE is.  A collaborative data object is defined by a fixed schema
> and the only thing that is user 'editable' are the contents of the CDO, but
> not the structure of the CDO itself.  There isn't a mechanism (or even a
> requirement or concept) to start with a 'blank' CDO and have users define
> one in real time.  Once we have sufficient user feedback this might be an
> issue that gets revisited, but it isn't on the radar right now.  We have
> source to two reference implementations (I'll post to the announce list) and
> I'll also make available a set of slides to help identify the use cases and
> the implementation.

That's helpful. Yes, I see that CDOs are much more structured than what
folks are trying to enable with shared XML editing.

As Ian Paterson pointed out to me a few years ago, our community
experiences a continual tug-of-war between structure and freedom. For

1. We use XML, which is completely extensible, but then people want to
know what might come over the wire so we define particular namespaces
(including XML schemas to formally lock down the data formats).

2. We defined data forms (XEP-0004) as a completely free-form technology
for data interchange, but then people want to formalize their data forms
sometimes so we defined form-types (XEP-0068).

... you get the idea.

So I wonder if there is a way to define shared XML editing or remote
instance synchronization in such a way that it can meet the needs of
folks who want more free-form editing and those who want more structured
collaboration. I don't say that's necessary or that we need to meet
disparate requirements with the same technology, only that it might be
worth exploring.

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