[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0201 (Best Practices for Message Threads)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 7 15:45:07 UTC 2008

Jérôme Carretero wrote:
>> So you recommend adding a 'parent' attribute to the <thread>
>> element in rfc3921bis, correct? I think that change would be
>> backwards-compatible, we just need to make sure that it is clearly
>> specified.
> Yes. I see that change has already been made ;)

Provisionally, yes. Feedback is welcome.

> I'd also suggest the use of time-based UUIDs, because : 
> - for an
> instant messaging application, the risk of collision is null since 2
> different machines couldn't generate the same UUID, and it's
> unthinkable that one machine could start 2 threads in a few 10^-8s.
> This risk is present (albeit ridiculous) with “fully-random” UUIDs. 
> - time-based UUIDs could be convenient for being able to sort child
> threads by date without relying on more information in the messages
> (yes, this is a bit contrary to the opaqueness of the ThreadID...). 
> Of course it forces implementations to use time-based UUIDs, which
> costs a few more line of codes if done from scratch... and may be
> wishful thinking since some implementations might already exist
> today.

What do you mean by "time-based UUID"? Could you show us an example or
provide a reference to a specification? I am not familiar with this concept.



Peter Saint-Andre

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