[Standards] XEP-0225: Multiple Connections Per JID?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Feb 8 22:46:19 UTC 2008

Daniel Henninger wrote:

>>> Anyway, am I reading this right as resources seem to be the way
>>> to go, even if it might require some folk to rethink how they're 
>>> using/referencing components?
>> Yes, I think XEP-0225 will require a significant rethink of
>> component handling in certain implementations. But the idea is that
>> the rethink will be worth the effort since the new approach will be
>> more flexible etc. So so we hope. :)
> Indeed!  I'm pleased to see we're able to rethink some things with
> transports now that they're starting to branch out from more than
> just IM gateways.  Are you planning on doing a draft about these
> concepts that I should keep an eye out for?  ;D

What do you mean by "transports"? If you mean "external component" then
yes we're thinking beyond IM gateways, but then again we've been doing
that for years (MUC, pubsub, user directories, etc.). I've never liked
the term "transport" (too vague), which is why I started calling them
"gateways" years ago...


Peter Saint-Andre

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