[Standards] mobile optimizations

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Tue Feb 19 00:51:58 UTC 2008

Aki Niemi schrieb:
> Is there currently a way for the client to put its connection into
> dormant mode. For example, when my phone is in my pocket with the screen
> locked, keeping the roster's status updated seems unnecessary. Yet, the
> connection still needs to be live for incoming IMs and sessions.

the Jaiku guys do stuff like this on their mobile client. They have lots 
of experience with this and gave a impressive speech about this topic 
last year at the FOSDEM.

A extension for this would be very nice. So I could put my client into a 
sleep mode and the server stores only the last presence of my contacts 
(when changed) and pushes the presences to the client when it wakes up.


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