[Standards] XEP-0157: Contact Addresses

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Tue Feb 26 15:21:54 UTC 2008

Joe Hildebrand pisze:
> What about section 6.3 of the new version of XEP-115?
> <stream:features>
>   <c xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/caps'
>      hash='sha-1'
>      node='http://jabberd.org'
>      ver='ItBTI0XLDFvVxZ72NQElAzKS9sU='>
> </stream:features>
> Then you don't even have to do the disco, except the first time.

But I may need contact info of your server, not mine. Then this doesn't 
work. Moreover, XEP-0157 is called "Contact Addresses for XMPP 
Services", so this also includes gateways, transports. Maybe I'd even 
want to advertise contact information for a bot.

  xmpp:machekku at uaznia.net

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