[Standards] XMPP-Based multi-media conference

chun wang itec.mutecat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 01:06:22 UTC 2008

   I am now designing a multi-media conference system, while choosing the
conference control protocol, I know jabber/XMPP, I really like this
protocol  for its agility, but traditional confrence systerms most are based
on H.323 or SIP. I had searched many papers about SIP-based conference, but
I think XMPP maybe bettter.
   well, I had installed  jabberd2 on my Linux Server, and add MUC component
develeped by GNU. in order to support audio and video transport, I know
Jingle protocol,
now gtalk is based on XMPP and LibJingle, but I found that LibJingle is not
complicant to XMPP Jingle.
   If  I use XMPP  Multi-User Chat Protocol(XEP-0045) and XMPP Jingle
Protocol(XEP-0166) to setup my conference, looking forward to your some
suggestions. //bow
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