[Standards] question on xmpp core rfc

Ovidiu Craciun Ovidiu.Craciun at philips.com
Tue Jul 1 02:02:28 UTC 2008

Hi all, 


Excerpt from [page 12, rfc 3920] xmpp core:


   4.  If either entity receives a stream header with no 'version'

       attribute, the entity MUST consider the version supported by the

       other entity to be "0.0" and SHOULD NOT include a 'version'

       attribute in the stream header it sends in reply.


Is "0.0" a typo, it should instead be "1.0"? 

If it is not a type then shouldn't this translate to "the party
receiving no version specification should generate an
<unsupported-version/> stream error and terminate the XML stream and
underlying [TCP] connection"




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