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Tue Jul 8 09:47:06 UTC 2008

Peter Saint-Andre;1620 Wrote: 
> I think that's pretty close to a best practice. Your recommendation #1a
> is not much different from the intent of negative presence priority in
> RFC 3921. #1b doesn't work now because we haven't finalized RAP, but we
> need to do so. #2a says that an entity should publish its capabilities
> through a combination of caps (XEP-0115) and RAP (XEP-0168), which
> seems 
> good to me. #2b recommends mostly server handling of incoming stanzas 
> based on client caps+RAP, which again seems reasonable (except that 
> neither clients nor servers support RAP yet, and servers are not yet 
> smart enough to use caps information in this way).
> Perhaps we need to write up a XEP about this? I'd be happy to help.
> /psa


good, so I haven't say too much stupidities then. And yes I really
think some good practice XEP could be helpful. Without it I fear
implementers will continue not to take into account the importance of
acting according entities' capacities.
When you say "we", who is it? Because if it is me, I will write it but
I have never done any. So yes, your help and advices are more than
helpful. :-)


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