[Standards] adium and returned 'subscribed' presence

Adam Pisoni apisoni at geni.com
Tue Jul 8 23:12:18 UTC 2008

In working on this xmpp4r component framework I'm trying to understand  
how different clients deal with subscriptions.   I'm running a local  
ejabberd and a component connected to this local ejabberd server.  I  
am also connected to this local ejabberd server with another regular  
user that ejabberd is managing.   My component is set to auto-respond  
to subscription requests with a subscribed presence as well as its own  
subscription request.  When I watch the xml from the components end,  
what I'm seeing is that Adium never returns a subscribed presence.    
It DOES accept the subscription, but never responds that it did.

I had to decide where to mark the JID as subscribed and realized I had  
to do it when I get a 'subscribe' presence as opposed to a  
'subscribed' presence since I can't guarantee I'll get a 'subscribed'  
presence.  Anyone else seen this behavior?


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