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Jehan Jehan.3clf30 at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Tue Jul 15 14:10:19 UTC 2008


for my own I don't really know these XEP, so I will base my idea on
what you wrote and also my "logic". In a "simple" way, I think a thread
could indeed be tied to a single chat window.

But in the real use, there are 2 points I think important to raise:

1/ nowaydays most clients have the ability to redisplay the last chat
in any new chat window, especially when this last chat is recent. And
this is nice because it enables a user to close the chat window (for
screen place maybe, or simply because he thinks at first that the
conversation is finished, so ends the thread) and then to reopen it
(even when you thought to finish the discussion, you may change your
So for my own, I think a basic implementation of clients should
continue the same thread depending on the time after you closed the
window (for instance you could consider just one hour after, it is the
same conversation, so the same thread, there just was a small pause as
there often are in IM; but 3 hours later, it is a new conversation), and
also maybe depending on whether one of the two users disconnected
In fact there should be a default "intelligent" thread gestion which
tries to guess whether you entered a new thread with the same person or
whether you just continue a discussion after a pause (more or less
short, maybe with connection stops or not, etc.).

2/ But as the most intelligent computer system is not as smart as an
human, it should be always possible to overset the thread gestion (this
will be for non-basic use by people using advanced functions of IM). So
for instance a user should explicitely be able to specify a discussion
is the continuation of the last discussion (so you take back the
previous thread and reuse it), or why not even any other previous

I think this can be a very interesting thread management system for
storing messages. You don't store them only by date, but also by thread.
Then if you restart an existent thread, the agent will display in the
chat window not the last discussion messages, but the last discussion
messages in the same thread! Of course this cannot be dealt very well
automatically by your client. So this is for advanced users willing to
organize their discussions. And I think this may also mean there should
be a possibility to "name" threads (give some human reading label)
optionally so that they are easy to find back for later continuation...

Also this all is advanced customization but I think this would be
really interesting.

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