[Standards] offline delivery when the connection is broken

Jehan Jehan.3clgbn at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Tue Jul 15 14:36:17 UTC 2008


you are raising a very good point because I often happened to lose
messages as I am using insecure connections a lot (not "insecure" as
"spyable", but as "losable", for instance wifi...) and sometimes my wifi
is really bad. I don't know exactly what happens because I never tried
to reproduce the phenomenon on purpose and spying on the data flow, but
I guess this is something like your scenario which happens.

I don't remind having seen anything like this in any XEP. But once
again I am not an expert of all the XEP. Someone might know better.
Anyway I this would rather be a "best practice for implementation" than
a part of the protocol, because it looks like "obvious" the fact that
this should not happen. This is especially annoying as:
- you never receive the message (as it is not sent to offline storage)
and don't even know you had one sent;
- the sender is certain you received the message, he did not receive
any error, nor did he receive a "unavailable" presence stanza (as your
connection was broken unexpectadly, so not well ended!).

How many times did I have to ask "haven't you said something before
that?" because I felt I was losing something in the discussion and the
other user did not even notice I have been away a few minutes!!!

This is probably an implementation issue where entities have processed
the message stanza and seeing you are online, tried to send it, but
without planning any "B plan" in the case where the data reception
failed (because your connection broke meanwhile). This is indeed some
huge flaw in my opinion


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