[Standards] offline delivery when the connection is broken

Jehan Jehan.3clj1z at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Tue Jul 15 15:35:26 UTC 2008

Kevin Smith;1751 Wrote: 
> I think you mean 'unreliable', rather than 'insecure'. There aren't
> many network connections that're more secure than no network
> connection :)

Thanks. I still have to search for my words in English... Hum... now
that I think about it, I still search for them in French too. Maybe I
should just stop speaking! :-D This will be better anyway. ;-)

> XEP-0198 - Stanza Acknowledgements is what you want.
> /K]

Ok. I told you that I did not know well enough the XEPs. :p
Anyway don't you think this would be better to improve client and
server implementations rather than adding a new layer atop all the
current one? XMPP is made to be exchanged on top of a reliable
connection (most common and the one it has mostly been designed for
being TCP!). In such context you already have aknowledgments about
succeeded transfer or not.

So a server already knows it has not been able to send a message (even
though it was thinking the connection was fine before it tried to send
data) so it should just deal the case: for instance, when there is
offline storage, the message is stored for next connection.

On its side a client knows when it has not been able to send a message
to the server. If connection breaks, the message should be stored on
client side (or else the user should be informed the message could not
be sent).

There really should be no need of another layer of aknowledgment,
because you are only moving the problem one step above, on XMPP layer.
But at the end, this will be the same basic cases that the server and
client implementations will have to deal: tcp connections failure.

I think we are adding new stanza cases for no reason and that the best
method for doing this is rather a "technical best practice about
implementation cases". I may be wrong of course because I don't know the
matter well enough, so I will read your answers with great attention.


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