[Standards] New Proto-XEP: Multi-User Gaming

Torsten Grote Torsten.Grote at gmx.de
Fri Jul 18 13:03:58 UTC 2008

Jehan said the following on 07/18/2008 02:45 PM:
> I will read that soon and give my opinion. :-)

Thank you in advance for this! :)

> And I will probably be
> an implementer also if this fits me because I was thinking about a
> game with XMPP (in fact I had begun to write it several monthes ago
> and stopped it, but with a home-made very basic protocol on TCP. And
> recently I was thinking about rewriting it with XMPP!).

If you are just looking to implement a simple two player game, you might 
be interested in Pidgin Games [1], a XMPP gaming approach integrating in 
instant messengers that is always seeking developers who implement more 
There are already are two ProtoXEPs [2] [3] (that will soon be submitted 
to the XMPP editor) for this kind of simple instant gaming.
Might be interesting for you.

> Jehan


[1] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/wiki/Main_Page
[2] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/xep/instant-gaming.html
[3] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/xep/tictactoe.html

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