[Standards] New Proto-XEP: Multi-User Gaming

Jehan Jehan.3cqxlr at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Fri Jul 18 13:38:25 UTC 2008

Torsten Grote;1800 Wrote: 
> If you are just looking to implement a simple two player game, you
> might 
> be interested in Pidgin Games [1], a XMPP gaming approach integrating
> in 
> instant messengers that is always seeking developers who implement more
> games.
> There are already are two ProtoXEPs [2] [3] (that will soon be
> submitted 
> to the XMPP editor) for this kind of simple instant gaming.
> Might be interesting for you.
> [1] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/wiki/Main_Page
> [2] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/xep/instant-gaming.html
> [3] http://pidgin-games.sf.net/xep/tictactoe.html

I wil have a look at these. What interests me is making this above a
XEP (even not standard of course, I am not going to wait for 10 years :p
) so that if it interests other, they can make other clients just
following this game through XMPP standard.
And this is a card game I was interested in, because I thought
information about card can be easily sent shared in XMPP; and in the
specific case a 4 player card game I like a lot... (can be 5 ou 3
players with some variants)


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