[Standards] XEP-0060: event message type

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jul 23 09:33:40 UTC 2008

vatsarv wrote:
> I have multiple resources connected to the server and my client has
> already subscribed to a pubsub node. Now, when there is a notification
> on that node, the message is sent only to the resource with highest
> priority (Or to only one resource depending on the rule implemented by
> the server - According to the RFC 3921 - Section 11.1.  Inbound Stanzas
> - Point 4). This is because all the affiliations in the XEP 0060 are
> based on bare JID.
> But, I would like to receive notifications on all my resources, which
> is not happening now. Is it a constraint in the current XMPP standard?
> How do I go about it?

In rfc3921bis, we are recommending that servers handle messages of type 
"headline" exactly as you request:


headline -- The message provides an alert, a notification, or other 
information to which no reply is expected (e.g., news headlines, sports 
updates, near-real-time market data, and syndicated content). Because no 
reply to the message is expected, and a receiving client SHOULD present 
the message in an interface that appropriately differentiates the 
message from standalone messages, chat messages, or groupchat messages 
(e.g., by not providing the recipient with the ability to reply). The 
receiving server SHOULD deliver the message to all of the recipient's 
available resources.



So the idea is that pubsub notifications would be sent as messages of 
type headline and the receiving server would "broadcast" that to all 
available resources.

However, probably not all xmpp servers behave this way now.


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