[Standards] presence priority -1 issues

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Mon Jul 28 17:51:40 UTC 2008

"Jack Moffitt" wrote:
>>> It's possible this is just a UI problem.
>> I remember chatting to Pedro Melo about this back in February, and I
>> believe our conclusion back then was just that clients will start
>> showing -1 as a non-chat resource, or somesuch, depending on how
>> general usage pans out
> Ok, fair enough, but there are other problems.
> Jabberd2 and Google Talk both refuse to send presence to resources at
> priority -1. 

IMHO that is wrong compared to the statement above. I agree that -1
means non-chat resource. This can either be a chat client without a
user or an application doing something completly different with
XMPP. For a -1 priority I would propose:

1. <message> stanzas to the bare JID should not be send to this client
   because no user will read it. Use message storage or whatever a
   server may do with such a message.

2. <message> stanzas to the full JID should be send to this client.
   There is a reason why the sender used the full JID for that
   message. It could be an IBB using message for two non-chat
   applications exchanging data.

3. <presence> should be send to all clients or two non-chat clients
   will never find each other to send messages to the full JID.

My point is that "non-chat resource" doesn't mean it is an idle chat
client, it can be something very much alive but not for chatting.


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