[Standards] presence priority -1 issues

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Tue Jul 29 22:53:36 UTC 2008

> 1. <message> stanzas to the bare JID should not be send to this client
>   because no user will read it. Use message storage or whatever a
>   server may do with such a message.

Agreed, and this required by RFC 3921. (Section 11.1  Rule 4.1).

> 2. <message> stanzas to the full JID should be send to this client.
>   There is a reason why the sender used the full JID for that
>   message. It could be an IBB using message for two non-chat
>   applications exchanging data.

Also required by RFC 3921.  (section 11.1 Rule 1).

> 3. <presence> should be send to all clients or two non-chat clients
>   will never find each other to send messages to the full JID.

Also required by RFC 3921. (Section 11.1 Rule 4.2).

Clearly Jabberd2 and Google Talk are not compliant in this respect and
need to be fixed.  I'm preparing a detailed bug report for both, but
if those guys are listening, please fix this asap.... pretty please...
 with sugar on top?


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