[Standards] xep-0077: account removal... and after?

Jehan Jehan.3dd4un at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Wed Jul 30 13:21:14 UTC 2008

This XEP defines how to remove an account. I was wondering if somewhere
it is explained (I did not find) how it is dealt for all the
"registration" stuffs.

Most especially the roster: shouldn't your server unsubscribe you from
all people in your roster? If it did not do so, first inconvenience is
obviously that people may continue to send you messages sometimes (and
would not understand receiving errors of unreceived messages); but worse
if someone registers with the same jid (on purpose for a scam, or just
by chance), could he just pretend to be you?

And possibly this shall be extended to all other kind of registration:
to services, pubsub, etc. It is important that the new user does not get
disturbed by what the previous user of same jid has subscribed (imagine
one would receive publication on a node the previous user had
subscribed), but also that the new user cannot have access to what the
previous user had access (if he had some moderation rights on a pubsub
node or any other kind of service, there should be removed when the jid
is deleted). So this is a severe protection for the former as well as
the current user of a single jid after an account removal.

Is this dealt in some XEP?


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