[Standards] rfc3920bis -06

Joe Hildebrand hildjj at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 20:34:17 UTC 2008

On Jul 29, 2008, at 8:23 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Dirk Meyer wrote:
>> Only client but IIRC adding a friend to the roster resulted in  
>> getting
>> an iq result without sending a get or set. Very confusing.
> So you sent <presence type='subscribe'/> and you received an IQ  
> result from your server? That sounds like a server bug.

If he meant IQ set, then it's just the roster push, not a server bug.

It can be confusing, but once your client knows how to handle roster  
pushes to the point of not changing your internal data structures  
until you get the push, things get a lot easier.

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